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December 8, 2016 / dottybelle

Fireplace Tiles Mini Makeover

DH and I have lived in our lovely home for three and a half years now and slowly his resistance is being beaten down(!) and the lounge has started to look how I want it and it feels more as though it actually belongs to us.

We’ve the lovely comfy sofa finally purchased a couple of months ago which is similar to the one I wanted when we tried sofas out before we moved in and which DH said was too soft. The pine skirting boards and fireplace have been painted white which makes a massive difference to the room’s scheme. Last December the dominating brown and brightly coloured floral roman blinds on our bay windows were replaced for something very neutral. And we have our gorgeous super duper extending dining table and benches which are so heavy I hope we don’t move house for a long time.

Now that it’s all starting to look more ‘me’ and I’m pretty happy over all, my brain has automatically started nit picking the smaller things I don’t like. One of them is the ‘colourful’ tiles on the sides of our fireplace which I assume are original (1895). I appreciate many would find them beautiful and attractive but I am very much 50 shades of beige!  Whilst others might paint over them in black, I decided to try a solution which makes me happy and isn’t too permanent, and which OH couldn’t moan about too much. Stickers!

I purchased these Tile Sticker Transfers from ebay for £8.99. Fitting them was easy and didn’t take long. The first photo shows the first couple on before being trimmed (and my little boy’s rocking horse!)

I’m happier with the fireplace than I was, but think my eyes miss seeing the white gaps in between. This is because our tiles are not standard sizes and so I covered the grout as well as the tiles. I should add that we don’t use our fire so whether they are safe for use in a working fire I don’t know. They are safe for use in kitchens near hobs so it’s possible.

And because we all love a transformation, here’s a photo of my fireplace before it and the room was painted, even though you can’t see the tiles. I had a gold theme going on and I actually quite like it!!

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