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July 15, 2012 / dottybelle

A little about Belle…

I’m a Craft loving, novel devouring, shopping obsessed newly wed in need of a new project!

Originally from Dorset, I’ve lived in leafy North London for nearly 10 years and have worked in the west end for eight. I love home life but never seem to get enough of it. I sometimes dream of living in a remote cottage in the Country with hours to potter about baking and crafting, but the reality is, I’d go potty with no decent shops close by and the heavenly silence would soon become deafening. So, I strive to combine ‘the dream’ with urban bliss (and that thing called ‘work’ that pays the bills). I may have to leave the cosy cottage behind though (husband would hate living in a cottage anyway).

My blog will keep you up to date with my crafts, book reviews, beauty loves and anything else I think’s worth sharing.

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