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July 19, 2012 / dottybelle

Wedding Tip 1: Dried lavender does not make good confetti

Dried lavender as confetti looks nice, smells nice and you can display it very prettily (I made cones out of paper from books)…but it doesn’t feel nice being pelted in your face.

As my new husband said whilst we walked past our ‘lovely’ guests who were energetically throwing what was effectively little bullets in our faces and down our shirt and dress; “It’s like being on a Japanese game show”.

Here’s a picture of classical confetti which falls softly over bride and groom. Notice the smiles of happiness on the couples faces.

And here is a picture of us…

I’m sure you’d agree that a picture can speak a thousand words.

The 90 second confetti attack was traumatic, but certainly wasn’t the last of the lavender drama. Husband was able to take his shirt off and shake away the entire cone full that had been poured down his back by a ‘helpful’ usher. Wedding dresses aren’t quite so easy to slip on and off, so I spent the remainder of the day with this under my boobs:

Excuse the pic, it was taken at the end of the night!

Little grains don’t brush off tulle so well either, or hair…hence a  member of the the wedding party looking like a monkey clearing my fleas during the speeches. That is one special moment on the wedding DVD.

Convinced yet?


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  1. Stephanie / Jul 23 2013 3:34 am

    where did you get the rainbow colored confetti like in the top pic?

  2. May / Mar 8 2015 7:53 pm

    Your writing is amazing ‘monkey cleaning my fleas’! Made me giggle and more importantly decide not to have lavender confetti. Thanks doll x

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