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October 13, 2012 / dottybelle

The One

I love perfume. I spray every day, choosing the scent that suits my mood, or how I want to feel on that day.

I have a wardrobe of 20 or so perfumes, which I guess is enviable. But I haven’t yet found ‘The One’. By that I mean my signature scent, the one that everyone recognises as ‘me’ when they smell it.

I very nearly did crown my signature scent when I was 21. I adored the sweet smell and friends started to think of me when they smelt it. But it was Britney’s first fragrance and I ended that little romance pretty quickly after people started asking me what I was wearing!

I have a few favourites that I use regularly, or love going back to, either because they remind me of people or special memories. There’s the one my brother and his partner gave me on our first Christmas together (Versace Crystal Noir) and the one I wore on my wedding day (Chloe). But if I was limited to these I’d be yearning for something new very quickly. In short, I’m born to have a variety.

I recently bought ‘The One’ by Dolce and Gabbana (that’s actually its name). I love it and for a moment I thought the clever marketing had actually worked, and I had in fact found ‘My One’, but no, it’s just one of many.


Have you found your signature scent? Id love to know what it is, how you discovered it, and why you love it.


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  1. Amanda / Oct 13 2012 1:17 pm

    Hermes Kelly Cache or the Balenciaga perfume are quite beautiful!

  2. Silvia / Oct 17 2012 10:37 am

    I haven’t got a signature scent as such but for the last few years I been loving Alien by Thiery Mugler and I have not worn a different Perfume since I found that

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