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March 20, 2013 / dottybelle

Cheeky Wedding Straws

I fell in love with these retro striped straws as soon as I saw them and decided to have a bit of fun with them. My aim when planning my wedding was to entertain our guests as much as possible, and everyone seemed to think these  straws were a nice touch. They certainly made a cheeky conversation starter!

The straws are available in a few different colours and I found Pipii to have them at the best price, with a few colours being available in a bulk pack of 144 at £7.45.

I purchased mini luggage tags cheaply on eBay and aged them with watered down brown ink. I then used my trusty individual alphabet stamps to make the words ‘SUCK ME’ for the girls, and ‘DRINK ME’ for the boys. To keep with the aged look I used a cocoa brown ink. To make the ribbon go further, I (and my helpful sister  in-law) tied the ribbon whilst still attached to the spool and cut after the knot was tied.

-Cut the ribbon diaogonally so you have a point to thread through the label.
-The straws can get soggy if left in a drink for a long time.
– They look gorgeous in a container ready for your guests to help themselves. I love the idea of these being served next to a homemade lemonade dispenser.
– You’ll need a fair bit of ribbon, probably more than you think. And if you find a colour you love get lots of it. When I spotted my ideal colour at John Lewis it was early on in the wedding planning process and I only got one spool, when I went to get more it had been discontinued and I couldn’t find my wedding colour anywhere!

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  1. emmalinabelle / Apr 12 2013 4:23 pm

    Making some of these for a friends hen do – Thank you!

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