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August 29, 2013 / dottybelle

Eyelash Extensions V RapidLash Serum

My eyelashes have always been pretty average. Not stubby. Not bambi beautiful. They seem to grow in phases where some weeks they’re fuller and longer than others, which I think may be pretty normal.

For my wedding day I tortured myself by getting eyelash extensions. This consists of an hour (or more!) of laying completely still on a bed fighting the urge to open your eyes because you know that’s the last thing you actually should do (unless you want glue in your eye). The extensions did look great on the day and for a few days in to the honeymoon. But shortly after (five days max) I had a nice full amount on my lefty and righty wasn’t looking too pretty, with only three sporadically placed lashes left. FYI This was probably to do with how I slept, rather than any weird favouritism to my left eye!

Eyelash extensions are glued to your real lashes individually and in theory they should fall out with your natural lashes, but you do need to take good care of them when removing make up etc, which I found pretty tiresome (I am the original lazy girl).

My experience with eyelash extensions is that they’re only worth the money and time invested if they last the advertised 4 weeks or so. This wasn’t the case for me this time.

Once all the extensions were gone and I was back to Blighty, I noticed that my natural lashes were looking worse than a normal bad lash day. As I had enough boots points (this was straight after the honeymoon!), and had heard good things about RapidLash Serum I picked some up. It retails for £41.

You apply it last thing before bed and stroke it across the upper lash line, just like liquid eyeliner, but a lot less dangerous. I used my night eye cream on my under eye area as normal and was careful not to put any on my eye lid (it needs to go on clean skin).

The product is clinically proven to give up to 50% longer and 75% more voluminous looking natural lashes*. It’s an innovative high performance eyelash enhancing serum which conditions lashes to look stronger, fuller,and longer in as little as 30 days.

I used it for a month and the results were incredible. My lashes are longer than they’ve ever been. In the past I’ve found that the outer corners have shorter lashes where they should be longest, but now that’s no longer a problem for me. My lashes don’t seem much thicker however, so I do need to use a volumising mascara on top.

I love this stuff and wish I’d used this as wedding prep instead of getting the extensions. I’d definitely recommend it as prep for a special occasion, or if you just fancy a flutter at the shops 😉



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  1. emmalinabelle / Aug 29 2013 5:41 pm

    Great read Dotty … And Great to have you back! Thanks for sharing. Xx

  2. angelabrown0086 / Sep 14 2013 2:40 pm

    Earlier I used to put eyelash extensions but neither it was suiting my eyelashes nor my pocket. Then my husband got me this wonderful product Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum. There was a noticeable change in less than four weeks. I now have long and beautiful eyelashes. Thank you hubby and Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum. See details :

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