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November 25, 2013 / dottybelle

Restore Your Carpet After Moving Heavy Furniture

After moving in to our first house in June, Husband and I made a few decorating/furniture choices which we regretted.

This included the really tall wardrobes in our bedroom which seemed to take away the prettiness of our peaceful sanctuary.

We do however adore the cream carpet we had laid as soon as we moved in. It was an unexpected cost as the previous owners took their fitted wardrobes with them(!!) revealing areas of nada carpet.

Once Husband finally got round to un-building the wardrobe and rebuilt it in the bedroom next door (dressing room/nursery to be) we were left with ugly impressions in the beautiful, less than 6 month old carpet. No amount of rubbing, hoovering etc made a difference.

Don’t worry folks (especially my friend ‘O’ who loves to lay on the carpet whenever she visits)… I found a trick and the carpet is as good as new!



See?! The difference is incredible and I couldn’t be more pleased. So, what did I do? I simply laid some ice on the indents and left to melt over night. Come morning the wet patches were dry and the carpet was fluffy again. I gave it a little zhoozh for a few seconds and hoovered over, although it didn’t really need it, and voila! Amazing, huh?

I found the ice tip online. Thank goodness for the internet!

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