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June 19, 2014 / dottybelle

Stitched With Love

My wonderful friend T, has gotten in to embroidery over the last few years. It started after her beautiful daughter N, now three and a half, was born, and she put her days of hedonism behind her (well, mostly!).

Before Christmas she asked me and a couple of other besties what our favourite books are. Mine was, and always will be Roald Dahl’s, ‘Matilda’.

A little time after Christmas (as I said, she has a three and half year old!) I was presented with the most lovely and thoughtful gift which I will cherish forever. This embroided piece of work, which features a quote from my favourite book.


Such a brilliant idea. The embroidered fabric was given to me by itself so I could frame it as I liked. I decided to stretch it in an embroidery hoop, simple yet effective.

Baby E’s nursery was the perfect home for it, and here it is in situ…


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