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July 26, 2015 / dottybelle

This Week’s Best – 26th July

This week’s best came after putting the Paddington Bear movie on to watch with E, who has only very recently began to properly watch TV. I had just bought some Paddington Bear PJ’s for him (see here) and thought he may get excited if he connected the two. He’s only said a few words so far and ‘bear’ has never been one of them, so I was very excited when five minutes in to the movie he said ‘Bear’ in a clear and very cute voice. And he repeated it tens of times in the hours and days that followed. As soon as he sees the TV now he says ‘Bear’ and has started to call everything and everyone ‘Bear’. He is bear obsessed and it is adorable.


Here he is engrossed watching ‘Bear’ for (literally) the thirtieth time!

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