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July 23, 2012 / dottybelle

Wedding Wish Tags

I plan to show you my craft projects in this blog but currently my ‘craft area’ at home is swamped in post wedding paraphernalia. When people spoke about post wedding blues I didn’t realise it would be because you have so much stuff in your apartment that you can’t move! Anyway… I digress.

Whilst I can’t currently work on any new projects, I do have a few wedding bits I can show you. I didn’t take any step by step photos whilst I was working on them because, well, I was busy doing 20 wedding related things a day. But I’ll talk you through what I used (if you’d like a demonstration please comment).

The first item I’ll show you is my wish tags. If you’re not familiar with them then you’ve obviously not read any wedding magazines in the past year (which probably makes you normal unless you’re engaged). Guests are invited to write a wish for the couple on the back of the tag and then it’s tied to a ‘wish tree’ or something similar. The whole effect is very pretty. It can be used instead of, or as well as a guest book.

For my vintage love bird/birdcage themed wedding I used manila luggage labels and a Tim Holtz ‘Birdsong’ Cling Stamp (used with an acrylic block). ‘WISH’ was stamped with indivual letter stamps. For the aged edges I used ink by memento in rich cocoa and standard gold ink. The ribbon ivory organza by ‘Celebrate’.

I’ll add a picture of the wish tree and tags in situ at my wedding as soon as the professional photos come through.

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