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July 29, 2012 / dottybelle

A girl can dream…of the perfect crafting space

At the moment Hubby and I are living in a pokey flat with limited space (same as half of London then!). There is a loft, but I already filled it up to the hilt when I moved in, and that was after heaving bags to Charity shops. As Husband (often!) says, I have a LOT of stuff.

Some of my crafting supplies were casualties in the ‘sort out’ and got relegated to the loft, with no access.

We’re saving for a house and fingers crossed can start looking next year. Until then I have my desk and a few craft bits in the bedroom which keeps me going (when said desk isn’t piled under a wedding wish tree and boxes of random wedding bits – another ‘sort out’ needed then).

So, for now I’m dreaming of not only more space, but a whole clutter free area (dare I say room) where I can neatly store all my crafting supplies and get down to the good stuff (for all of you naughties, I’m referring to crafting!). Pinterest has proven to be the limitless pool of inspiration it always is and gave me these beauties:

Image from House & Home

Image from scrapbook-werkstatt

The ultimate dream is to have a craft studio at the bottom of a house with a garden. Somewhere where I can spend hours quietly playing with papers and ribbons, framing happy photos with beautiful materials to cherish for years to come. To me that is absolute joy and calmness 🙂

You can see more of my craft room pins here:

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