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September 3, 2012 / dottybelle

My first Glossy Box

I’ve seen advertisements about this for a while and have been curious. For those of you who missed the magazine ads, Glossy Box send you a monthly package of 5 good sized sample products (or bigger) to try. The cost each month is £10 plus £2.95 p&p, or you can subscribe and save.

Their website shows the contents of previous glossy boxes and from this I could tell that they were generally what I’d consider to be good value for money.

My first box arrived on the 15th August and was themed around the Olympics, with each product being  an ‘International Superstar’, which made me wonder if this was the best box to receive. If their aim wasn’t simply to send me the best latest products, would some of the items be in there simply to fill a quota of Countries?

Here’s the beautifully wrapped Glossy Box, which was a joy to receive and open.

My box contained:

Lipcote (Great Britain)
RRP £3.99 7ml
I’ve used this lipstick sealer in the past and loved it but as more and more indelible lipsticks came out (which I invariable didn’t fall in love with) I forgot about it. One of my besties still uses it religiously. The special edition bottle is really cute and I’ve put it on a few times since it arrived. I’ve rekindled my romance with it and am glad I did.

-DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Japan)
RRP £18:50 200ml
I am a huge fan of oil cleansers and usually have one which I alternate with a cream cleanser. My favourites are Clarins Melting Gel and Shu Uemura enriched high performance balancing cleansing oil. I’d not heard of DHC but the brand seems to have cult following. The results were good, but no better than the other oil cleansers I’ve tried. The thing that put me off this was the smell…it contains olive oil which I don’t doubt is good for the skin, but at night when using it before bed it made me want to go find some bread to dip in it. I’m a sucker for a nice smell and scent of products is important to me. If you’ve never used an oil cleanser you’re missing out, they take off every trace of makeup (even mascara!) and dirt with ease.

– GLOSSYBOX lipstick in Glossy Pink
RRP £9.50 4g
I was a little surprised by this one as I didn’t know Glossy manufactured their own products, and wondered if it was a little cheeky to include it. But the colour and consistency are lovely and I’ll definitely be keeping this.

-imPress Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails (USA)
RRP £7.99 24 nails

Plain and design manicures that you literally press on to your nail and last up to a week. Fake nails have moved on a lot since I was 13! I didn’t like the design I received but gave them a try. I love these so much that I’ll follow with a separate little post.

– Allesandro Pro Whitener (Germany)
RRP £7.85 10ml

Gives a whitening effect to nails. Not something I’d usually look at or buy. Tried it on my toe nails and didn’t really see a difference. Probably the item I was least interested in.

-Vera Valenti Eye Shadow Pallete (Spain)
RRP £3.85

So, there were actually six items in total. I’m glad about that because this item is like some sad bonus booby prize. I thought perhaps I was judging a book by its cover (and price tag) and therefore being superficial. So I tried the shadows on. I was right first time, they are like makeup I used to receive at Christmas as a pre teen. They have such little depth and flake when used with a proper eyeshadow brush. I’m sure Spain has much better products to give, I’d be a little put out if I were them.

There you have it, the contents of my first glossy box and my thoughts on them.

Out of the 6 items I received there are two that I love, and one that I like. I’m pleased, and will continue service for another 3 months and see how I go.


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  1. lvloves / Sep 11 2012 9:52 pm

    This is really informative! I work with similar company called Latest in Beauty so it’s quote interesting to see how glossybox does it x


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