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October 30, 2012 / dottybelle

Press on Nails for Grown-Ups

As mentioned in a recent post here, I received some Impress Press on Nails, in my first glossy box and LOVE them!

At first I was apprehensive. Stick on nails reminded me of my teenage self gluing the same nail back on time and again, building up a lovely layer of white glue all around my finger.

These come plain or patterned (animal print, lace etc). The ones I received weren’t to my taste but I figured the claim on the pack (lasts up to a week) made them worth a trial.

Application is so easy. Out of the 20 nails you choose the right ones for your fingers, remove the backing and then press the nail firmly in to position.

I was so impressed (haha!) by how they fixed to my nail so well and so easily. I really put them to the test over the following few days, using them to pull on too tight dresses (think along the lines of 2 sizes too small Bodycon- don’t ask) and opening various containers with them, which is something I’d never do with a normal manicure. They didn’t show mercy at any point and stayed glossy and chip free- they are incredible.

I’d compare them to a gel manicure, but minus the hour at the Salon and worrying about removal and nail damage from all the filing.

When I was ready for these to go 4 days after application they came off fairly easily. You can just peel from the bottom corner as I did (it took a bit of force), or use nail polish remover around the edge to loosen the glues hold. My nails underneath were perfectly undamaged.

After falling in love with them I researched further and found these are endorsed by Nicole Scherzinger who designed a range of them. My faves over all are a beautiful lace design which I recently wore to a lovely do.

They are on 3 for 2 promotion at Boots right now and you can find more info at

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