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October 25, 2012 / dottybelle

Hand Bound Journal Class

Last night I went to the Flexible Hand Bound Journal Making Class run by I’ve been looking forward to it since I booked a couple of months ago and found it really interesting. The class was 2.5 hours and here’s what I made! Not bad for a first attempt!




One of my BFF’s is off traveling soon and I decided to make this for her as a goodbye gift. I chose durable colours that won’t get dirty when being thrown in and out of a fit to burst backpack (or a sandy beach!).

I left the class with instructions and a template so I can make more at home and there’s just a couple of tools I need to be able to do it.

Here’s a few pics I took during class. I didn’t take any when I was stitching as I was too engrossed!

The template we used and my material.

We made the holes for stitching with an awl. New tool that will also be handy for scrapbooking!

The pages inside are just A4 paper folded. We stitched 8 sections in to the book in total, with 5 pages of A4 in each.

I’ll be getting some beautiful cream leather to make one for myself, and think a ribbon tie will finish it off nicely.

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